Zumo 595 icon help

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Zumo 595 icon help

Berichtdoor Kev_C » 22 nov 2020 22:56

Hi all, i'm hoping someone can help...

I have bought a replacement unit for my old 590. I have a genuine 595.

I have a list of favourites in basecamp, that I have assigned icons. I have the rest stop icon for friends, and knife and fork for cafes. When imported to my old 590, the icons remained and showed up on screen on the gps. However, with the 595 all I get are the default heart favourite icons for ALL categories. I can change the icons individually on the 595 to what they used to be.

If the icons are the same, why don't they transfer over when importing the favourites to the 595.

Any help is much appreciated.
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Berichtdoor Marco » 25 nov 2020 23:04

All waypoints or favorits will show the same heart icon. To show your own icon, you need to convert them to a POI set.
With JaVaWa RTWtool you can convert the waypoints to a poi file (file with .gpi extension) and place that file in the \poi\ folder in the zumo.
Conversion on windows computer only (mac is not supported anymore).

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