How to create automaticaly multiple POI files?

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How to create automaticaly multiple POI files?

Berichtdoor Marco » 30 mar 2008 23:17

How to create automaticaly multiple POI or GPI files?

I don't know if it will work completely as you want, but i have created an extra level of folders. And little registry changing files and one command file. In my case after kicking the command file, it will generate 5 GPI files autmaticaly. Only problem with the silent mode of POILoader is that it gives a message box after every compile of a GPI file, that are than 5x click ok to get the next one complied.

Directory structure:

Compiling help files:

Registry example:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Directory"="D:\\Usr\\Marco\\Prive\\GPS\\Waypoints\\POI Loader Garmin"

"LastDevice"="CF-1GB-U2-1 (P:\\)"

Part from my Command file:
echo Starting POI Loader for the General information set
if exist "D:\Usr\Marco\Prive\GPS\Waypoints\POI Loader - Compiled\poi.gpi-old" del "D:\Usr\Marco\Prive\GPS\Waypoints\POI Loader - Compiled\poi.gpi-old" /Q
if exist "D:\Usr\Marco\Prive\GPS\Waypoints\POI Loader - Compiled\poi.gpi" rename "D:\Usr\Marco\Prive\GPS\Waypoints\POI Loader - Compiled\poi.gpi" poi.gpi-old
regedit.exe /S "D:\Usr\Marco\Prive\GPS\Waypoints\POI Loader - Executing\Poiloader registry General.reg"
"C:\Apps\Garmin\PoiLoader 2.4.2\PoiLoader.exe" /silent

if not exist P:\Garmin\poi\poi.gpi echo Error in General procedure!!!
if not exist P:\Garmin\poi\poi.gpi goto QUIT
move P:\Garmin\poi\poi.gpi "D:\Usr\Marco\Prive\GPS\Waypoints\POI Loader - Compiled\poi.gpi"
echo General POI's generated succesfully.

In the reg file is the "Units"=hex:01,00,00,00 for Kilometers and "Units"=hex:00,00,00,00 for Miles

This is then my result which can be copied to the Zümo:

- I use a permanent available CF card in my reader to perform these steps.
- The collection of SDCB POI's are collected by POIEdit
- The Fonero POI's (from are download manualy per country (1 file per country)
- And CSV files are preffered above GPX file. These GPX have al lot more tags to proces. Performance difference is dramatic with large GPX files.
- Totaly are there more than 132.000+ POI's in my 5 files.


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