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Upgrade your basemap to a more detailed routable World map

Geplaatst: 30 mar 2008 22:17
door Marco
The Zümo has 2 maps when it leaves the factory:

1 - Base map America (North and South America), not routable
2 - Detailed map USA+Canada version 8NT, routable

The base map gives you some details all over North and South America, do scroll to Chili or Argentina and you will see some details (zoom in enough). But if you look in Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia, you will see nothing.
With the Garmin product World Wide Maps you can have more details in these other regions, but still not routable and the information is not much either.

Solution is known longer for other type of Garmin GPS units. I have tried the solution on my Z?mo GPS and it works perfectly.

Step 0:
If you don't have a Garmin map product on your PC then skip step 1. Mapsource should be installed on your PC in step 1!

Step 1 (install Worldmap under Mapsource):
- At the site site of the Dutch mister Elsinga is the product Garmin World Routable basemap v3
- Click at the big European map, the file you open it. The file will be downloaded (22Mb). In the zip file there is an executable, click it twice to execute the file SetupWWBMap3.exe
- Choose for English and complete the installation
- Start now your Mapsource program and in the upper left corner you can choose between different Garmin maps which are on your PC (if you had previously 1 map than the choose menu is now available)
Now you have the routable World Base map in your Mapsource and you can make routes. (Map will fail if you zoom out above 3000km!!)

Step 2 (download basemap from Garmin):
- From the Garmin site, download the iQue 3600 World-Wide Basemap (25Mb)
- Find the file, but not to double click to install! With the right mouse button Extract to
- Copy the file GMAPBMAP.IMG from this Zip file to a folder on your PC.

Step 3 (install basemap to Z?mo):
- Connect your Z?mo to your PC
- Make a backup of the file gmapbmap.img which is in the GARMIN:\Garmin folder at your Z?mo.
- Delete the file gmapbmap.sum (the Z?mo will create this by itself again. just a check for file integrity)
- Copy your download and extracted GMAPBMAP.IMG to your Z?mo in to the folder GARMIN:\Garmin
- Disconnect your Z?mo from your PC and let it start up.
- Check if you see roads at Miami, Capetown, Sydney, Amsterdam (zoom out, move and zoom in).

- Make a route in your PC with Mapsource at the World routable Base map and download it to your PC. If it all went ok, you have completed your upgrade.

My Zümo now in Sydney, Los Angels and Miami:

A route somewhat experimental through South America:

You have now Mapsource and a Z?mo with:

1 - Base map World, routable :!: :!:
2 - Detailed map USA version 8NT, routable.

Good Luck.

Geplaatst: 30 mar 2008 22:18
door Marco
And the Brian version:

The Zumo has a world basemap installed (attach the Zumo to your PC via the USB port and
browse to the Garmin folder .. not on the SD card), the basemap file is called gmapbmap.img

Rename this gmapbmap-Orig.img so you have a backup copy.
Click the link below and download the file iQue3600World-WideBasemap_301.exe,
rename this to

Open the file with Winzip and copy the file gmapbmap.img to your Zumo's Garmin folder
(see screenshot below - click to enlarge)


Now you have replaced your original non-routable World Basemap (6mb in size) with a Routable World
BaseMap which is 31 mb in size and has much more detail.
See the Zumo screenshot below showing the difference between a Route created from Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)
to Sao Paulo .. and this is on a European Zumo. The roads are only main roads but the result is much better
than using the original basemap (left).


Rewritten, based on information in an original post by Scheurneus.

Geplaatst: 30 mar 2008 22:18
door Marco
Ok, the question is: I have a routable map in Mapsource and can i download it to any GPS?
No, it is not possible. This map is the other way around. The map in Mapsource is a GPS device basemap which is used to make a Mapsource map. So it is not a standard Mapsource map which can be selected and downloaded to a GPS.

But, forget Mapsource, you have a basemap! And it needs no processing to be used. It can be used in the Zumo by copy the map to the internal memory.
This means that theoretical this basemap can be used in any Garmin GPS!
And i think that practical this can be done in any Garmin GPS which has some kind of memory which is reachable by explorer. But if you look in other forums about custom maps loading to Streetpilot GPSses, there is a tool something like IMG2GPS which can be used to upload manually additional maps to the GPS.

For now i only know for sure that the Zumo and Nuvi series will work. Probably the 60csx, 276, 278 and 28xx series as well. For the rest, i don't know.

Hope the explanation is clear to you