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Perform a manual Garmin LifeTime update (no express)

Geplaatst: 21 mar 2013 10:36
door Marco
Garmin has introduced a new program for LifeTime updates ant it's called: Express.

If your lifetime installation fails or you have enough space on your GPS to fit the whole map (Full Coverage) then we don't get any alternative. And most of us want/need the map on the computer and not only inside the GPS. Map only in GPS means; keep GPS connected during use of BaseCamp and no map in MapSource possible.

Below the 2 programs for Mac and Windows to which could be used to download, install/perform the LifeTime updates to your computer (watch for advanced options!) and GPS.

Garmin LifeTime Update programs for City Navigator NT/NTU 20XX.XX download here:
Windows version Garmin LifeTime Updater v3.2.2 or here Garmin LifeTime Updater (direct from Garmin)
Mac OSX version: Garmin LifeTime Updater v4.5.0 or here: Garmin LifeTime Updater (direct from Garmin)

If MapUpdater shows problems in communication with your GPS, then it's time to un-install Garmin Express (Control Panel - Software or Programs and remove it).